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Japan Proximo Company Profile

  • Name
  • Board
  • President & CEO Takeshi Nishiyama
    Director Yuji Suzuki
  • Head Office
  • 2-20-11 Ishikawa-cho Ota-ku Tokyo 145-0061 JAPAN
  • TEL
  • +81-3-3748-0311
  • FAX
  • +81-3-3720-0242
  • Established
  • May 2nd, 2011
  • Main Business
  • 1.Equipment and related parts and materials for Semiconductor and Electric devices
    2.Import of Biofuel and recycle of Fly Ash
    3. Consulting services for market survey, sale strategy and international trade administration
  • CHINA business partner
  • Duofu Electronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.,
    Add:No.132, Xujiacun Road, Kunshan Economic
    Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu
  • TAIWAN business partner
  • Da Cei Trade Co., Ltd.
    13F,No.75,Sec.1,Xintai 5th Rd.,Xizhi Dist.,New Taipei City 221,Taiwan
  • Bank
  • Mizuho Bank
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Company Policy

We strive to contribute to the world society through our innovative Products and Services.


In order to provide further value to our customers, we will work together with our customers to contribute to the next business, future, and society.

Message from President

President Takeshi Nishiyama

Our mission is to have excellent skills and ideas and to provide new value to society.

We will continue to challenge society with new business models and technologies as weapons.

The semiconductor and electronic device industry is booming for the first time in 30 years, and it is expected to grow greatly in the future driven by the memory and sensor.

We will also continue to challenge the new business model for growing energy industry.

We started the business in 2011 and entered the seventh year as early as May 2017.

We will strive for the purpose of providing further value to our customers.

We will continue to aim for maximum profit pursuit in the future.

However, we place priority on quality, moderation and harmony at the root of it, and prioritize justice as a skeleton of business development.

PROXIMO means NEXT in Spanish.

We will continue to devote ourselves to contributing to society by thinking about the next business and the future with our customers.

I would like to ask for your further guidance.

October,10th, 2017 President CEO Takeshi Nishiyama

Head Office

CHINA business partner

CHINA business partner