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Wiping Probe

Wiping Probe

World’s first Wiping Probe for QFP,QFN (SOP,SON) for Lead(PB) Free terminal


Wiping Probe
  • Using the force of the spring, the tip of the contact wipes horizontally (patent pending)
  • Adjustable wiping amount by the stepped portion of tight wound spring (patent pending)
  • High hardness beryllium copper is used as the contact material, excellent in durability of the tip part
  • Contact with the device terminal is stabilized by thin the tip of the contact.
  • Two types of contacts are available: R 0.03 and R 0.05
  • Two lengths of 4.70 mm and 2.95 mm are available as standard specifications
Wiping Probe Features

Probe structure (2type)

Standard type
Standard type

Short type
Short type


Operating Temperature -40℃~125℃
Mechanical life time >500,000 cycles
Pitch 0.4, 0.5mm
DC resistance <100mΩ
Current rating 2.0A

Durability test

Wiping Probe Durability test

Please refer PDF link for the detail.

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